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From here vendors or staff can create food items for the restaurant that they have selected or assigned.
Add: Upon clicking this button, you will be directed to the page for creating a new food.
Edit: Clicking this button will lead you to the editing page, enabling you to make updates to existing food.
Delete: When you click this button, the food will be deleted from the system.
Add/Update Food
When you add or update below screen will show, where it will ask for Images, Categories, Title, and other food-related Information.
When there is multiple language the system will ask you to enter details in multiple languages.
Allergies, Calories, and Preparation Time this field are only visible if the restaurant has a setting enabled for this. If it's disabled then it will not be shown and asked here.
Is Available when this is enabled food items will be shown on frontend. If it's disabled then the item will not show anymore.
Custom Fields you can add a customer with name and value, If there are multiple languages then can add it in multiple languages.
Discounts can be applied to food items with different types you can add discounts on items.
Last modified 3mo ago