Payment Setting

Payment Setting
We have mainly two types of Payment in the system.
  • Stripe
  • Offline
When you add stripe payment, You need Publishable Key & Secret Key
To get the value of Publishable Key & Secret Key you need to log in to your stripe account.
  • Once you logged in successfully on the dashboard you will find "Developers" Click on that. This is a redirect to the developer page where you can see different options.
  • Then click on "API Keys" from where you can generate Publishable Key & Secret Key.
  • If you want to test the application then you need to enable "Test mode"
  • Then copy and paste key values into the system.
Stripe Webhook
It is mandatory to set up a stripe webhook to listen to events for transactions and subscriptions.
  • On the Developer page, you will find a tab named Webhook
  • And then follow then steps given below in the Image.
And then click on "Add endpoint" to save webhook url.
Offline Payment
In the offline payment, the vendor will request a subscription via offline mode and the request will go to admin once admin approve the request then they can approve vendor can access system.