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Admin can add, update, or delete vendors from here.
Within the vendor listing page, initiating the creation of a new vendor page is achieved by clicking the "Add" button. For accessing the edit vendor page, you simply need to click the "Edit" button. To remove a vendor, clicking the "Delete" button is the appropriate action.
When you delete vendor it will delete all associated details like staff, restrestaurant, feedback, tables, transaction and cancel all stripe subscription as well.
Add/Edit Vendor
Create vendor
On Create page you can create a vendor with personal and address details. You can assign a plan to the vendor or can create a vendor with "Free Forever". If you create a vendor with "Free Forever" then the vendor can create an unlimited number of restaurant, staff, and food items. They will not ask to subscribe to the plan.
View Vendor
The View Vendor page displays Profile Details, Subscriptions, and Change Password options. Here, the admin can access the vendor's profile details and subscription information. Additionally, the admin has the ability to modify the vendor's password through the Change Password feature.
View vendor